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Emerging Figures

The Whitaker Gallery
19th January - 10th March 2019

Solo Exhibition


In this amazing exhibition Scott explores a new approach to his work. Drawing on his studies of the great masters, he previously focused on the figure before tending to the background. Here, following his passion, Scott has experimented on manipulating the background until something happens, letting the results unfold and the abstract dictate a figure within.  


My goal is for the two, the abstract and the figure, to sit comfortably together, each part of the other. I invite the viewer to get up close, to spend time looking at the detail, to experience the interplay of abstraction and legibility for yourself” — Scott Tetlow


When starting out as a painter Scott was obsessed with the works of Goya and Rembrandt, and the painters of the London School: Auerbach, Freud, Uglow and Bacon. Spending hours in galleries, he would observe their paintings from different viewpoints. He would stand very close to a picture, studying the ways in which the artist had physically applied the paint, working out which tools or implements had been used, assessing the viscosity of the paints and the speed and weight with which the marks had been applied. In being up close he could see the abstraction; viewing the painting on a minute and detailed level. He would then stand back, watching the transition as abstract marks transformed and cohered into readable figures.

In his earlier career, inspired by these masters, Scott would always focus on the figure before tending to the background, if doing so at all. But in his recent work and, especially within this exhibition, he has chosen to flip the whole process on its head. Scott wanted to move away from what felt like the predictability of his process. His passion for the abstract has grown and has now become the starting point.

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