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The Bee Project

In memory of Nick Hopkinson

This project began before we were hit by Covid and was the brainchild of the late, great Nick Hopkinson MBE, through his charity Hoppy Trust. Nick touched the lives of countless people, including Scott's, and spent much of his incredible life raising money for the charities he cared deeply about. When the world lost Nick, his wife Lesley and their family picked up the mantle to take this project to its end. 


Our project was to raise money for a much-needed brain scanner for the Royal Manchester Children’s hospital. 


There are 22 pieces in this body of work, one for each of the 22 victims of the Manchester Arena bombing. 


Each piece is created on thick, handmade cotton paper, representing Manchester’s cotton industry and is made up of a series of individual pages that tell the story of significant moments in the history of Manchester. The story that Scott and his wife, Gail Tetlow, wrote tells of the strength and resilience of a proud breed of Mancunians with a strong sense of identity, solidarity and community.

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The Story

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The bee has always been the symbol of Manchester – but these bees are not stylised – they have been painted as individual creatures on unique paper canvases. Each piece of work comes with a book telling the story of how the series of work came about. 

Nick's idea was that the 22 individual original paintings would be exhibited once, all together, and then sold to businesses and companies in Manchester. 

Each piece has been framed in black, Italian, Ayous wood, with high grade Tru Vue, anti-reflective glass with UV filtration to protect the artwork.

Framed size: 1m x 1.16m

Cost of each painting is £10,000 including VAT


All proceeds from the sale of these pieces will go to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.  

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Contact us to enquire about a piece. 

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